Negotiation Minute 12/8/16

There is much that can be learned from others mistakes, particularly in the area of negotiation. 2015 was a bumper-crop year for Negotiation Blunders.

Here are the Worst Negotiation Tactics of 2015 as published by Harvard Law School

Some will be familiar to you, among them Edward Snowden's bad BATNA.

Read on and Learn:

9. Stonewalling the negotiation process.

8. Choosing not to negotiate with difficult partners.

7. A flawed team approach.

6. “Blurred Lines” in court.

5. Failing to negotiate for yourself.

4. Edward Snowden’s bad BATNA.

3. Reddit’s “no haggling” policy.

2. Stopping outsiders from sabotaging your negotiations.

1. An overly orderly approach.


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